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Hi Guys,

Just thought I'd post and and ask for opinions on my shortlist of bikes. I've around £1,500 to £2,000 to spend.

- Ribble R872 stealth (105 groupset and Mavic Cosmic wheels) £1,600 - love the look of this bike, seems good value for money with internal cabling, etc.
- Cannondale Supersix Tiagra 2013 £1,500 - again love the look on this bike, but downgraded groupset and poor wheels are putting me off
- Cannondale Supersix 105 2013 £1,800 - only available in team colours (very dissapointing) and let down by lack of internal cabling and poorer wheels
- Specialized Tarmac Sport 2013 £1,500 - let down by wheels, Tiagra cassette and Tektro brakes and lack of internal cabling
- Specialized Venge Comp 2013 £2,500 - more comparable with the Ribble stealth - but worth the extra £900 for the brand name alone?
- Bianchi Sempre 2013 £1,800

Would love to hear some opinions regarding the above bikes or any alternatives that I should consider



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    Can you not get a SuperSix 2012 for a lot less?
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    Don't get bogged down in your search with internal cabling - aesthetically it can be great but not always the best practically and occasionally can produce unwanted noises.
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    you'll get a much better deal with a 2012 machine as all the new ones come in, unless your objective is specifically have the new 2013 model to turn heads at the club. My priorities would be frame first, then wheels then groupsets.
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    Have a look at Canyon. You can get an Ultimate CF with full ultegra and excellent mavic wheels for your budget.
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    Thanks for the advice - far too many options - giving myself a sore head looking every night!
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    gabriel959 wrote:
    Can you not get a SuperSix 2012 for a lot less?

    You certainly can ... 12-p206336
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    You may have heard this already but there is really no alternative to actually going to a bike shop and riding as many as you can!

    And yes internal cabling can look neater but add to friction so you might have worse gearshifts. not to mention it can be a nightmare to get the cables to feed out at the right place. Also paying someone to put more holes in your nice carbon frame always seemed a bit mad to me :p