Does anyone know a Bike-fitting service that sell parts?

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I think I need a bike fit as I get sore shoulders and headaches after rides (tension headaches my GP tells me). I'm doing exercises to improve my core to take some of the pressure of the neck/shoulders region but I'd like to know if anyone knows of a bike-fitting service in London, presumably in a shop that will actually sell you the parts required and fit them in line with the recommendations of the bike fit. I realise stem and bars etc are relatively easy to do but I'd rather just pay someone to get it right.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



  • n1ckster
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    I don't imagine there is a bike fitting service that doesn't sell parts.

    Sigma Sports do fitting and have plenty of parts to sell. There will be countless other palces too.

  • smidsy
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    Indeed most who fit have parts to sell...what you need to do is find one that does not use the fit as a way of selling the parts.

    Cadence Sport (in Midlands I know) do excellent work and never actually offer you anything, but when you need a part (longer stem or whatever) and ask he always has something that fits the bill - he just never actively plugs the stuff.

    He will quite happily let you walk out with a fist full of data and not sell you a sinlge extra thing - no hard sell tactics.
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  • John at Velomotion has a selection of spares as required when he does fits
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    Primera Sports in Bournemouth have a fitting service in their shop...

    All the spares you could ever want...
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