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Cycling book for a 9 year old

aclivityaclivity Posts: 94
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Planning ahead for Christmas, looking to get my son a book about bikes / cycling. When I was around his age, the book most likely to be found by my bedside was Richard's Bicycle Book (or the Freewheel catalogue!) but I don't think even the most up to date version (2000, as far as I can see) will be much good for him.

So, is there a suitable book / annual that Santa could leave under the tree for him?


  • schweizschweiz Posts: 1,644

    This may be good...

    The Boy Who Biked The World, Alastair Humpherys (2011)

    Travelogue for ten year olds - the enjoyable story how dreams of adventure turn into reality, one pedal stroke at a time

  • Thanks for this - looks like a good choice for him - notably the bit where it says " the message running through the book is that it is possible to overcome your fears, and get up and go", as he has suffered from a lack of self esteem recently (long story, but it's one of the reasons I have encouraged him to cycle, and also one of the reasons why I have come to despise the "football celebrity" culture in the country).

    Also thanks for the link, I had been looking only at Amazon and hadn't thought to widen my search to a cycling specific books site!
  • NFMCNFMC Posts: 232
    I saw the title of the thread and wanted to come on and recommend the very same book. It's excellent. My nine year old has read it twice and loved it. Highly recommended.

    Also goo was Biking for Gold by owen Slot. It's a book about a kid working his way to the gold medal in the Velodrome in London 2012. We read it just before the Olympics and the kids were cheering out loud at all the exciting bits. It may not be as good now knowing that this kid didn't win...but it's still a good read.
  • mr_goomr_goo Posts: 3,767
    'Italian Racing Bicycles' - on Amazon.

    Lots of colourful pics and some history to boot. Not sure your lad would get his hands on it though.
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