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So for a new rider what shoes do people recommend.. around £80 mark what makes should i look out for?


  • Go in a sop and try them on as it is usually the fit which determines what you buy and also spd or spdsl
  • Went out hunting a few days ago. Tried different brands (I had budgeted £80). I ended up with Shimano R106 as they had the stiffest sole of the lot with enough toe space for spread and swelling with heat. Only issue is the whiteness

    I was actually trying my best to buy a less ubiquitous brand. But they won it hands down for me ....... specialised came second. Mavic for example at this price were no where near as good ......... I really tried hard to make a different choice but couldn't.

    You need to try them on and do the bend test. For shoe sole stiffness and fit to my feet and they won hands down.
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