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Specialized Roubaix SL3/SL4 vs Regular

kikonamekokikonameko Posts: 65
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Hi guys,

im confused about how specialized have all these different frame types. Is the SL3/SL4 (SL version) different from the regular roubaix? There is a roubaix in my LBS that i am eyeing for, LBS says its not SL3.. not even SL2 but a "regular" roubaix. If this is the case then does a roubaix have 3 types of frames? regular, SL, S-works? am i getting this right?



  • Evil LaughEvil Laugh Posts: 1,412
    I think for 2012 there was sl2, sl3 (pro) and s-works sl3. Sl3 and 2 are different frames, s-works sl3 uses a lighter carbon.

    For 2013, replace sl3 and s-works sl3 with sl4 and s-works sl4, same principle differences plus sl4 s-works will have the new suspension seatpost. Cobl gobl-r! Sl3/4 will have routing for both mechanical and electrical groups. Sl3 have somewhat suspect internal routing. Sometimes it just doesn't work.

    Nobody I know has gotten their hands on an sl4 yet.
  • There are 3 types of carbon used in the 2012 Roubaix's 8r for standard , 10r for the SL3 and 11r for the S-Works.
    SL2 was for 2010 , SL3 was introduced in 2011 with a few changes but still SL3 in 2012 and SL4 for 2013

    11r is lighter etc etc ...
  • So we'd normally say 'Buy the best you can afford'; except that there can be a law of diminishing returns. You see the difference between a £1300 Roubaix and a £6000 one is essentially a different Carbon Layup, Different Group set and questionable Roval Wheels.

    e.g. A £1600 Roubaix plus a Decent set of Mid Range Mavics plus a couple of component upgrades (or not, 105 works!?) will cost about £2000 to £2500 depending on what you upgrade and the biggest difference for the extra £3-4000 is you. It's not like a car where more money buys you a bigger engine!
  • "You see the difference between a £1300 Roubaix and a £6000 one is essentially a different Carbon Layup, Different Group set and questionable Roval Wheels." in other wordsits completely different...

    interesting take and open to debate but from pure economics and unless you have £5k to burn .....i would buy the £1200 Roubaix comp....upgrade over time if you really get the urge.
  • Im more interested in the main difference of the standard frame (8r) vs the SL3 frame (10r) should one aim for the SL frames over the standard one? is it just the general difference of lighter and stiffer? One other thing i noticed is that from the website it seems you can not buy a standard frame (8r) they only sell SL frame kits.
  • chris217chris217 Posts: 217
    "should one aim for the SL frames over the standard one" i have the same dilema as looking at a 2012 SL3 10r carbon Frameset for £950 or could get a full bike with 8r frame for £1200 !!!

    i would not get too hung up about the level of carbon, if you have decided on the bike and unless you have money to burn go for the cheaper 8r , and spend the extra on a decent wheelset...
  • jamesesjameses Posts: 653
    Test ride the regular bike. Test ride an SL3/4/S-works, preferably with the same wheels. Ignore the shifting for now. If the feel of the ride is significantly better, go for the more expensive frame. If not, think how much you have just saved by actually trying the bike you're going to buy instead of believing the opinions of the internet!
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