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Winter waterproof clothing enquiry

PAO72PAO72 Posts: 11
edited October 2012 in Commuting general

I'm thinking of commuting to/from work 8 miles away from home.

I am looking for some showerproof/waterproof 3/4 length shorts/trousers I'm willing to spend upto £59.99 can you suggest any?

Best Regards,



  • BigLightsBigLights Posts: 464
    HI PA. See other post re waterproof trousers...split opinion. A waterproof jacket is very handy, particularly a neon one. I have an Endura one, does the job. I just wear the Humvee (Endura again I think) trousers which aren't waterproof at all, one just gets wet. Not a huge issue if you're showering and changing at work. There are Altura Night Vision waterproof trousers at £60 on Evans which my wife uses (she only rides 1.5 miles and doesn't shower at work) and seems to be happy with.
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