Chamois cream

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Chamois cream is mentioned quite often in the comfort related threads.

Is this something that is sold in bike shops or can I buy it from the supermarket or chemist?



  • Bike shops or online post free from Wiggle, Chain Reaction etc.

    Some people recommend Sudocreme which is not as good as it is absorbed more quickly and doesn't give long lasting lubrication.
  • Mostly from bike shops or online.

    If you do find it in the supermarket make sure you don't put it on your strawberries though!
  • Ordered some from Wiggle.

    Thanks :D
  • So is it like sudocreme then or is it something different?
  • It's thinner and slimier - it's sort of a lubricant to reduce chafing. Sudocreme is ok for treating existing sores but not great for riding IMO.
  • ok thanks for the info. Must admit I didnt think sudocreme is too bad as i use it but then its rare i ride further than 20 miles in one go.
  • The idea of facing another pot of sudocreme in my life means I will pay for an alternative.

    I can remember those 2pm and 4pm moments!
  • Sudocrem isn't intended for this purpose, hence it's not sufficient (though some people would disagree). If you actually need chamois cream (i.e. doing rides of at least 3 hours if not considerably more), you probably won't find that Sudocrem is up to scratch (hopefully not literally).
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    Well im planning a big ride for later today so will soon find out if im going to be walking like john Wayne for a while.