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Upgrade Harry Rowland Wheels

bmxboy10bmxboy10 Posts: 1,958
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I have a set of Harry Rowland wheels, Ambrosio Excellight, Ultegra hubs and DB SS Spokes. The wheels are 32/32 spokes and not that light. They work fine and roll pretty nice and so far I have been pleased with them. Have the chance to get some ksyrium elites and prefer the look of the mavics. The mavics get great reviews and I realise they won't be hugely different to ride. Questions is will they be better or worse and what would the hand builds be worth second hand? They are in vgc :wink:


  • siamonsiamon Posts: 274
    I would stick with the Rowlands wheels. In my view the Mavic rims are no where near the Ambrosio's for rideability. The Mavics do get good reviews as you say, and a lot of users swear by them but to me they lack responsiveness and the ride is harsh.
  • Your wheels tick more boxes than the Elites. There are better ways to part from 400 pounds
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