exposure flare rear light and saddlebag light loop

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I have an exposure flare rear lighthttp://www.bikeradar.com/gear/category/accessories/lights/sets/product/review-exposure-flare-rear-light-10-39866 which attaches via a silicone band round my seatpost.

I am looking at getting a carradice saddlebag which has a light loop on it. I don't really want to buy another light as it's a really great light, but don't know how I'll be able to securely attach the light to the bag. I want to be able to attach and detach it when I want to (as I use the light on my other bike).

Is there any way to attach this style of light to a light loop securely, but also allow it to be removed when necessary?


  • Did you get anywhere with this? I'm wanting to do the same thing
  • svetty
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    Did you get anywhere with this? I'm wanting to do the same thing

    The exposure light is just a bit too heavy for these loops. I got one of these which is almost as bright and is similarly USB rechargeable. It attaches to the loop on the seat-pack and works perfectly:

    http://www.allterraincycles.co.uk/giant ... rear-light
    FFS! Harden up and grow a pair :D
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    Mine attachs to the loop on the back of my Topeak Aero but I have chucked a mini-carabiner for security's sake. It seems to point in the right direction but I do find myself checking it's still there mid-ride. Which is daft, as the krab means the band won't come off - it's just a question of it coming out of the band. Which it would anyway if it were on a seatpost.