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Some Wheel Advice Please

Redber67Redber67 Posts: 19
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Hi All - I am a newbie and have not too long been back in the saddle after quite a few years. I have a hybrid with 700c wheels (622x14) carrying 35mm tyres (which suit me down to the ground). My riding is an equal mix of english B roads and lanes, cycle paths, grit, gravel and a little bit of mud thrown in sometimes too.

I think it's time to consider a wheel upgrade to something "better" - by that I mean hubs, strength and if can shed a few grams that will be an added bonus. My current wheels are no name alloys, single walled carrying Quando hubs with UCP spokes. Happy to stick with 622x14 or 15 and 35mm tyres. The bike is a Dawes Discovery 201 equipped with V brakes).

I have searched high and low for some suitable wheelsets in the £90 to £120 price bracket, but cyclo X wheels are for 130mm rear axle space, MTB are mostly 26" - and 29ers all seem to be fitted out for discs and don't come too cheap. The only wheels for hyrids that I can find are in the £50 to £70 ish range, and probably won't give me much more that I already have apart from double walls. Is the only route for to get some custom built? And will that take me out of my budget? Your help and suggestions would be gratefully received.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    £90-£120 will not get you anything significantly better than what you have already, just another low end/entry level set of wheels.

    Most shops will be able to build you an MTB hub onto a 622 road rim, including the big online places like Merlin and CRC.
  • For around £150 you could get somewhere like spa cycles to hand build some decent 700c rims onto deore or LX hubs. Definately worth the extra £30 imo.

    As far as the disc thing is concerned, then I built my wheelset I used disc compatible hubs even though I use cantis atm and dont have any discs fitted - I looked at it as a bit of future proofing for my hubs, as and when I decide to get a disc equipped bike/frame, I have the hubs/wheels already.
  • Thanks so much for the info. Reckon I will have to look at my budget again and speak to some wheel builders to see if any advantages I might get with better wheels be worthwhile or not.
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