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I have an idea......

dvh798dvh798 Posts: 16
edited October 2012 in Tour & expedition
It looks like redundancy is on the cards, and I have always wanted to cycle to Austria. Time and work commitments have always got in the way.
The plan is if I get finished' I will cycle to Austria, taking a month if needed or longer even.
where do i start looking for suitable routes, not wanting to do offroad.
I have driven a lot in europe, but its the secret quiet backwaters that I'm after.
Any links, routes, or suggestions.

other than that I just need to start getting out and fit, preferably lose some weight, which wouldn't be detrimental anyway.
BUT knowing my luck I'll still be in work come April/May. :roll:
if not it gives me 6 years to retirement to have a cunning plan


  • HoopdriverHoopdriver Posts: 2,023
    The Donau Radveg, the Danube Bicycle Path, is delightful - one i the most pleasant cycling experiences of my lif. It runs from the Black Forest, through Bavaria and across Austraia to deliver you into the heart of Vienna. There are p,enty of maps, although the route is well signposted and well catered fo too n the villages along the way. It is great.

    You could get much f the way to the starting point by hopping over to Belgium or Holland and following the bicycle path along the Rhine to Strasbourg. Then ride up into the Black Forest (steep climb!) and find your eay to Donauschingen, the headwaters of the Danube and the start of the trail.

    It is a lovel trip. I've done it.
  • NavrigNavrig Posts: 1,352
    I can't help you but on first reading I though you said "Australia" and when you said ".. taking a month..." I was a tad surprised!!!

    Good luck and enjoy.
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