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Maxxis confusion

Maddog1979Maddog1979 Posts: 185
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Need some help to order some tyres today.

I've opted for Maxxis minion and high roller combo (2.5F/2.25R) but i'm confused with all the options...

What should i go for?


  • maxxpro is fast rolling stiffer rubber that last longer but compromises (slightly) on grip
    supertacky is softer and has more rolling resistance but more grip, they wear faster

    the rest is on their website.
  • I run a minion / highroller combo. I use a minion DHF 42a, lasts reasonably and has immense grip in the dry.
  • It's for my 224 build and my venture into downhill.
  • DHF 42a front and rear will do you for most conditions for general DH riding. The minions are a better all round tyre than highrollers but not quite as fast in the dry.
  • What's the difference between the 42a and the 60a?
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    42 is softer/stickier.
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  • peter413peter413 Posts: 5,120
    Personally I would say go 42a front, 60a rear if it is your first venture into DH. The 60a will last a lot longer but still has tonnes of grip available.

    And, again personally, I would go 2.5 front and rear. On a DH bike you don't need a smaller rear tyre to roll better, the 2.5 will resist punctures slightly better due to having a larger volume and the extra weight isn't going to count to much but the 2.5 will grip better.

    As to wether you get a High Roller or Minion is also a tough one. They are both great tyres but each person likes a different one. I personally like 2.35 High Roller 42a's on the front of my AM bike but prefer bigger Minion's for the DH bike. Other people have said the same as this, the Minion slides easier than a High Roller but is more predictable when sliding whereas the High Roller will not slide so easily but is less predictable when sliding.

    I wouldn't actually go for either a High Roller or Minion though, I would go for Black Chili Continental Der Kaiser's. More grip than either of those in my opinion, could almost call it a High Minion, very predictable when being slid but takes a bit to make it slide. Very good tyres and the same price as Maxxis DH tyres from the german sites like I haven't used the Der Kaiser much on the rear so can't comment on the rear wearing but the front is very good, no wear at all (there's still excess moulding rubber on the edge of the outside blocks) and it's been used a fair bit, was used at least twice a week on the hill for about 1 and a half months then a few more times after that including a full uplift day at Innerleithen. If you're worried about it lasting on the rear because it's so soft then you could pair it with a 60a Maxxis tyre, I would choose a High Roller because they look more alike than Minion's and High Roller's have better braking traction than Minion's.
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