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Another tyre thread!

gosport_commutergosport_commuter Posts: 185
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So - first i'll set the back ground :-

been commuting for over a year on a cross bike equipped with 28c conti gatorskin front, and conti 4 seasons rear. This has worked well, punctures are few and far between - 4 total i think. speed was good, comfort I thought was ok.
BUT then I went for a weekend cycle camping trip, fully loaded, throw in some light offroad and the ride was HORRIFIC!

que impulse buy to replace (admittedly worn rear) tyres with after much deliberation Vittoria Randoneur cross pro in a 35c (measures just shy of 33) front and rear. Now for the last 4 weeks I have stuck with them, and although the ride can be said to be a little plusher, and they do roll SLIGHTLY better over rough surfaces (hard packed grass, slightly worn top surface on side streets etc) I have been KNACKERED! and slower than I have been in months. After 4 weeks of wondering if it was the tyres, the bigger guards, the weather or just me being weak - I decided today to re-fit my 28s before the commute, and I can definately say the tyres make a noticable difference to my ability to accelerate and hold a faster speed - even into the wind.

With this in mind, I am abandoning the 35c tyres and staying with the 28s - however I still need to replace them at some point.


recommend me some good alternatives to the conti 4 seasons - my current favourite. looking for similar characteristics, good puncture resistance, but not bullet proof, fairly light, and roll very well. I know about Panaracer Pasela TGs, but would like to investigate others. Thanks!
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