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Road rage assault

garethjohngarethjohn Posts: 165
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So had my first experience of being attacked on my bike. Long story short got hit off my bike and while stuck on the floor got kicked numerous times. Then the bike got it too. Thankfully there were witnesses and the police were able to make an arrest for assault and criminal damage. Question is what to do next? Have taken as many pics as possible for insurance purposes and have got the ball rolling to make a claim. After reading other stories I'm guessing he'll get off with a caution and I'll have to go through a civil court if I want anything more. If anybody on here has had a similar experience I'd really appreciate your advice and input. Cheers.


  • get some proper legal advice and sue them for personal injury, bike damage, clothing damage, time off work, mental stress, everything, sorry to hear. Doubt will get off with witnessess, pursue the police every minute and push for the highest action through CPS which probably would be assault with intent to harm.
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  • Join British Cycling. Their lawyers are meant to be good for this type of thing.
  • JamesB5446 wrote:
    Join British Cycling. Their lawyers are meant to be good for this type of thing.

    Looked at the website this morning and have actually thought about joining before. If I join after being involved in an incident am I still eligible for legal cover? Anyone had experience with their cover?
  • bails87bails87 Posts: 13,317
    I think the solicitors will still take you on, they still get paid after all. They're Leigh Day and Co.

    I hope you get the scumbag for this, don't let the police go soft on you!

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