Just purchased a spinner bike for winter training

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After a bit of deliberation I decided to buy a spinner bike to keep fit during the long winter months. Does anyone have any suggestions for good training programs. Never been spinning before but it was either this or a turbo trainer.


  • saprkzz
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    I join a gym in the winter months, so when the weather is bad outside I can either use my turbo trainer or go to the gym. It gives me options, so having a spinning bike to your disposal is a great option.

    You can do really good interval sessions on the indoor bikes, it might be worth a look at the 3LC dvd's for a decent workout. If you "you tube" 3LC, you will see the one with Mark Cavendish doing the program. Looks great for working up a sweat.

    After my gym session this morning I watched in on the spinning class and looks quite enjoyable. I know at another gym in town the local cycling race team go to it in the winter, they all wear their kit which looks a little funny lol.
  • Gizmodo
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    There can be only 1 http://www.thesufferfest.com/video-sufferfests/

    Downloadable videos that you can play on your PC/Laptop/Tablet or a TV with SD/USB slots.
  • Thanks for the suggestions fella's. Had a glimpse at both and they seem just the sort of thing I was looking for.
    Not quite ready to park the bike up yet. Went out this morning and although it was alittle chilly at first its still great.