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Best Cycle Routes - Can You Help?

Ben92Ben92 Posts: 2
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Hi all,

I am looking for a bit of help/advice.

My name’s Ben, and I have recently had an idea - to compile a book of some of Britain’s best routes for road cycling, with each ride having been put forward by the cyclists themselves. There are many books and websites out there listing bike routes, but I was looking recently and was after something with a bit more of a personal touch - rides that have been nominated, ridden and recommended by cyclists like myself. I couldn’t find anything that fitted what I was looking for, so I was left wondering if other people were in the same boat as me, and if so, could they assist me in making this idea happen?

I would like to ask for everyone’s advice really - whether you think the book is a good idea or not, and if you would be interested in a book that compiled favourite rides from cyclists all over the country. Ideally I would then end up with a book of cycle routes covering the length and breadth of Britain, full of brilliant rides that had been put forward by the very people who know the roads best.

If anyone is able to give me any feedback on this, or let me know of a route/area that could be included, then please let me know on here or email me on [email protected].

Many thanks in advance!



  • jamesesjameses Posts: 653
    Not a bad idea, but I think there are too many websites out there offering user created routes to pick and choose from to make this a viable commercial venture, unless you're doing something more specific along the lines of the '100 greatest climbs' books.
    Also, there are as many opinions of 'favourite ride' as there are cyclists. Someone may go twenty miles out of their way to seek out a 25% incline whereas another may ride twenty miles to avoid it.
    And as for creating a book covering the length and breadth of Britain, it would either be restricted to a couple of routes in each county or exhaustive, huge and expensive.

    But the idea is good. As you mentioned, there doesn't seem to be anything like that online yet, so why not take that approach? You would reach a larger audience, the information would be constantly updating and you could generate some revenue through google ads
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