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Strada MK4 vs MK3

s1mons1mon Posts: 618
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I'm after new front light as my old Dinotte's batteries just ain't lasting anymore, there a few years old now so they haven't done bad. Is the Strada MK4 worth the extra ££'s over the MK3 ?



  • Hello,
    wiggle currently have a save £40 when you spend £200 (voucher code SAVE-40) so you can pick up a mk4 strada for £202.96. The offer finishes on 11/10/12 however if you wait a couple a weeks there will prob be a similar offer come up.

    The exposure lights website says the mk4 strada is 25% brighter (800 lumens instead of 645) has 50% extra battery capacity (8700 mAh instead of 5200)and is 50 grams lighter (228g instead of 277g).

    Unless you find an amazing offer like half price on the mk3 strada I think you should go for the mk4.
    If you are prepaired to spend £180 on a light you might as well spend £240

    Cheers from Ian
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