Quick q re mudguards and carrera virtuosa

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Hi guys will any thin road bike mudguards fit a virtuosa 2012 model? As while i try to pick up a better second hand bike(if anyone has a bianchi narone 7 c2c going for 400 ish in the fylde area let me know as i just missed out onbone on ebay!)as i would like to get some for winter riding?


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    crud road racer mk2 possibly sks raceblades (and their other ones)
  • Hi
    Thx for that info will buy some of them
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    SKS do a few different types, but I have yet to see a bike which cant fit Cruds.
  • Cool will def get them then thanks again
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    just fitted cruds on mine, very pleased and weighs practically nothing
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    Just be patient as they are quite fiddly and are known to rub. There are many threads on mudguards, but I think the 2 things I would take away are:

    Make sure your wheels are perfectly trued or they will rub as they wobble
    Be very patient when fitting them to make sure you get it right, or they will rub

    Also you may have to adjust them if you bash a pothole, hard!
    All in all, a great purchase and I would defo by them again.

    I'm sure now you will have someone come along singing the virtues of SKS raceguards. I am no expert on these guards or your bike, but if you have specific mounting eyelets, then SKS may be a better bet
  • Thanks for the info much appreciated will do some research on cruds dont think my bike has the eyelets,been out tonight in the rain wasnt too bad,brakes were scraping a bit tho