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Cyclingfans streaming - Nerdy Techie IT type question

meggiedudemeggiedude Posts: 257
edited September 2012 in Pro race
Lo there.

I have a Vu+ DUO (Dreambox Enigma2 type Satellite box)
It will allow IPTV streaming (e.g. rtsp,rtmp,mms,rtp streams)

I have been viewing Vuelta, Giro etc on my PC in the past via the cyclingfans streams

Has anyone here been able to setup cyclingfans streaming to similar Dreambox type Enigma 1 or 2 type sat boxes.

Would save me wrestling PC off the missus.

Can I upgrade???


  • LichtblickLichtblick Posts: 1,434
    meggiedude, since I'm such a nice person, I hate to see a zero-response thread with nearly 90 viewings.

    I have not the foggiest idea what you're on about. I watched the TdF, Vuelta, Worlds etc. on my computer and occasionally when they deigned to put it on TV, on that.

    Sorry to have been unable to help. I can only suggest that you ask the internet, which knows everything.
  • The words I understand are Vuelta, Giro, PC and missus
  • TurfleTurfle Posts: 3,762
    I also don't understand what you said, but I enjoyed the question nonetheless.
  • Presumably there is somewhere in the menus on your sat box to enter the URL of a stream. Get a stream URL from the computer and give it a go?
  • durhamwaspdurhamwasp Posts: 1,242
    Sorry i can't help you. Would be interested in the answer tho. - Reports on Cingles du Mont Ventoux, Alpe D'Huez, Galibier, Izoard, Tourmalet, Paris-Roubaix Sportive & Tour of Flanders Sportive, Amstel Gold Xperience, Vosges, C2C, WOTR routes....
  • Sounds like I'm missing out on something, just don't know what it is lol
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