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castelli bib shorts padding

the playing mantisthe playing mantis Posts: 2,129
edited October 2012 in Road general
how far up the front should the padding come, just purchased the aeros, great fit everywhere else, but should the pad come up much over the front and knackers?


  • freebsfreebs Posts: 199
    Pad is for your censored .
  • Ey!?!?! Your riding position must be seriously f'ed up; who rides sitting on their balls!?
  • no censored its for my censored .... but when trying them on the pad comes up a bit at the front. i was asking should it or are the bib shorts fooked?

    did i say i ride on balls.???

    some proper c u next tuesdays on here...!
  • I think they'll be fine, you always get a bit of pad up 'front' .
    Where would you be if you fell down a hole?.. Stuck down a hole... in the fog... Stuck down a hole, in the fog, at night... WITH AN OWL!
  • Yes. My castellis do that. Plenty around the back but noticeable the padding comes up the front more than my other bibs.
    All good and a great pad.
  • tenbartenbar Posts: 94
    I find that some shorts have way too much padding up the front and this just causes numb nads.
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