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So of your out with your lycra shorts on, do you wear proper full size socks? I just wear ankle socks, but the nice thick sports ones. Anyone wear full socks? Or even black socks, wiggo style?
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  • In the summer I like to wear some nice under armour ankle socks I found in JJB which have a nice thick base and a very thin upper.

    In the winter I'll wear full length socks.

    But most cycling socks are half way between an ankle sock and a full length sock -> so they'll come up to and cover the ankle.
  • I wear black Altura summer socks and have just bought a couple of pairs of black Aldi winter socks from their cycling event which seem pretty good quality for the money! Both go about half way up my shin.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
    defeet woolie boolie 2. All year round. Immense
  • ShutUpLegsShutUpLegs Posts: 3,522
    coriordan wrote:
    defeet woolie boolie 2. All year round. Immense

    Not quite sure about all year, but defo now til about March.
  • ... nati+rules

    Often copied and pasted and worth a grin. All the answers about dress and etiquette with a tongue firmly in cheek......maybe. :D
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  • Twin layer sock liners - all weathers regardless of conditions.

    Okay, I may have overshoes and bib longs to protect my ankles as well if necessary.
  • siamonsiamon Posts: 274
    I cannot say enough good things about merino socks. The problem for some is they are black (and long). The rage this engenders in the self appointed cycling militia (because the most supreme cycling champion who has ever lived may have once worn something similar) actually makes wearing even more satisfying.
  • Open drawer.

    Pull out random pair.

    Decide whether or not they are too 'lary' before I put them on.

    Very scientific! :)
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