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Ok i have now got my first oad bike, whats are the newbie essentials for maintaining it, keep it clean obviouslt, but how about dry/wet lubes, etc etc, and how often does maintenance need to be done to keep it in top condition?



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    Lots of good Youtube instructional videos about bike maintenance, worth spending an evening browsing through them.
    How often depends on weather and mileage. I have a can of GT85 which is like WD40 but with teflon lubricant in it. This is good for washing down, then i use FinishLine dry lube for the chain. Wipe off after application, as all excess lube just attracts dirt and grit which can then abrade your parts. Spot of grease every now and then where the brake and gear cables pass through or over something. Wipe off excess water from chain and cassette when riding in the rain. Keep your bike clean and your bike will keep you clean.
  • bit of advice

    moving parts require grease not lubrication

    chain lube on chain - wipe down excess
    nothing on gear cogs at all.

    watch tutorials on adjusting gears

    perhaps get a chain measuring device
  • ok thanks, how often should lube be applied (awaits wise cracks)
  • lol!
    it will depend on how often you ride and in what conditions
    if you are a 1-2 times a week man on dry days only then once a month would suffice
    if you are commuting daily in all conditions then at least once a week

    not really worth adding lube to a dirty chain though so bear that in mind too
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    Since commuting in the rain. My once well lubricated chain, cassette and derailleurs have picked up lots of crud.

    Whats the best degreaser product? And then is it just a matter of wiping the chain with a rag and then applying new lube?

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    I use this: (basically the same as bike specific degreaser at a fraction of the price) in a chain cleaner, easiest way of giving the chain a scrubbing without removing it. Also worth giving the sprockets a scrub with a stiff-bristled brush if they've picked up a lot of crap, then wipe clean with a rag and apply lube.

    I do this every couple of hundred miles, more often if it's a bit mucky on the roads.
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    Would this degreaser from Screwfix be ok for the chain & cassette?
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    hard to tell, theres no real info in the link. I'd recommend something like GT85 spray as a degreaser, then relube as necessary