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The greatest cyclist names...

MelterMelter Posts: 49
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So what is the best all time name for a grand tour cyclist?

I have come to the conclusion myself that the name gains extra points if the first and last name ends in an "O" - Pedro Delgado for eg. - and to this end I nominate the greatest name of all attributed to a cyclist is "Domenico Pozzovivo" of Giro stage winning fame.
If you came from a desert island after 10 years out of the loop, and I told you Domenico Pozzovivo had won all 3 grand tours that year and a second in the Paris Roubaix after being hit by a train, you would have to believe it!

Marco Pantani, Claudio Chiapuci and the like would be pretty damn good as well if only had they been Marco Pantanio and Claudio Chiappucio..

Lance Armstrong comes in with a pretty strong offering too, a fairly classical "Max Power" style.

Djamolodin Abdujaparov (apologies for not name checking) is no doubt the over all winner in most peoples eyes I'm sure.

I will be very disappointed if Domenico Pozzovivo doesn't get a greater showing in next years televised events!


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