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Shimano Ultegra 6700 STI Levers Triple

richleedsrichleeds Posts: 41
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All -

I replaced Ultegra Triple chainset to compact - my question is can I use the STI Levers set for the compact or do I need to replace the levers?
The chainset shift is hard, if not virtually impossible to operate and the crank arm catches on the front derailleur.

What am I in need of doing?



  • Why would you want to? Looks? Not much benefit if any for helping cycling?

    The derailuer is hitting as you have gone from a triple to double, you need to adjust the upper limit.
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  • Thanks for the inforation Rodders. The front shift from big ring to small ring is abit of a struggle? What do you suggest? This is the reason for me thinking whether I needed to replace my levers, not certainly for looks as the Ultegra's are superb.
    Thanks - R
  • I meant why did you change from a triple fron chainset to a double compact?

    Either way, you can still use the triple shifter for the front derailuer on the double.

    All you have done is changed the chainset, not touched the front mech yet?

    To go from the big ring to the small, you are just releasing cable tension, so for it to be difficult to release (I think you are saying its virtually impossible to operate by hand i.e the lever is very stiff?) is odd as its just a catch you click and it releases cable tension. I could understand going from small ring to big ring, as you are actually pulling the cable tighter with the lever.

    I would be inclinde to release the front mech and hold some tension on the cable by hand and just make sure the shifter is all still working good and allowing the cable to move freely both ways.

    Then re attach to front mech and set up from there, if all being good from previous test.

    You can use the limit screw to stop the triple shifter being able to click up the third position.

    Hope this is of some help, if I understood the original problem properly!?
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  • hi - thanks for the inforamtion - really useful and I will run through the service to ensure smooth operation from here. I chose compct over triple as I don't need the very small ring (I'm not going to call it the granny ring) as my legs spin too much even on the hardest gear. Again, will not change the levers and will go through the service checks. Thanks, Rich.
  • unixnerdunixnerd Posts: 2,864
    If you have the cable set too short / tight then it'll be very hard to shift as you're trying to stretch the cable. Seen it once before. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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  • Thanks Unixnerd and Rodders - useful advise.
  • holiverholiver Posts: 800
    Is it easy to set the screw limit to stop a triple shifter being able to click up to the third position over the compact double big ring? I ask as I noticed some very keenly priced triple Campagnolo shifters that are a lot cheaper than the double for some reason...
  • gozzygozzy Posts: 640
    It should be fine, yes.
    But you should set it up so that the big ring up shift moves to the big ring. Set the low limit screw up to the inner ring, to stop the chain going inwards when you release down to what would be the granny ring. That way you'll be releasing cable tension if you move to the unused granny ring shift position.
    If you set it up so that the big ring position is unused you'll find yourself trying to snap the cable if you accidently shift to the unused gear.
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