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DYFI / Howies Coed y Brenin Enduro

agg25agg25 Posts: 619
edited October 2012 in XC and Enduro
Anyone doing this on Saturday? Weather's turning dry now for the rest of the week so hopefully won't be a mudbath. I'm in the 60km trek.


  • Yep, I did the 60K. It was a complete mudbath!
  • did the 60k and thought it was great with a bit of everything in it ,
    better route than last year.
  • angry_birdangry_bird Posts: 3,782
    Did the 60k, lots of pushing up muddly slopes but it got after the first feed, great day all in all but definitely reminded me how much work I need to do, wish we had proper hills down here :cry:

    But yeah, really good, unfortunately managed to pick up 3 flats once it had crossed over the road and ran out of tubes but managed to finish on a slow puncture with a tube I borrowed off some funny welsh bloke, just had to keep topping it up every couple of minutes :lol:
  • Angry Bird wrote:
    Did the 60k, lots of pushing up muddly slopes
    ... and sliding down some on my arris :lol:
  • Neal_Neal_ Posts: 477
    I did the 60km route...OMFG it was hard work!!11!!! The weather was brilliant which helped a lot but where it was muddy it was very very muddy which made for quite a few comedy moments with everyone going down on bums, backwards and upside down. There was some great single track which fortunately seemed to coincide with me having some life left in my legs which is surprising considering the cramp started 2 hours in! The last loop after you passed the trail centre was brutal, pure fudging hell! I gave up on getting home in one piece and went into full on death mode get me home now at all costs mode on the down bits which was hilarious and scary in equal measures...probably some of the best riding I've ever done those bits :D

    Legs and back are a bit done in now though
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