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Hi All,
Can anyone one tell me which SRAM and Campagnolo gear sets compare with Shimano.
I am familiar with Sora, Tiagra, 105, Ultegra, Dura but I don't know whether veloce or record for example are comparable with Tiagra or ,say, Ultegra?
I am guessing that SRAM red compares with Dura?
I hope I've worded the question okay? It is early chaps :oops: :lol:
I did try a search on here and google but couldn't see what I was looking for.

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    Not too sure about Campag but Id say the following for SRAM/Shimano
    Apex=somewhere between tiagra and 105.
    SRAM don't do a road group to compete with Sora, 2300 etc

    They are different makes though and you will find some differences. I've used Shimano Sora, Tiagra and Ultegra as well as SRAM Rival and Force. I have to say that the major selling point of SRAM is weight, the claimed weight for Rival is similar to Ultegra but the price is more like 105. SRAM double tap is also very intuitive and the hood/lever design fits smaller hands better than Shimano. However in my mind Shimano gives much better shift quality; SRAM isn't too dissimilar at the rear but is noticeably worse at the front. I also think that Shimano seems a little more 'finished' in terms of feel.

    Despite what I've said though another selling point of SRAM is 'wifli' which uses a long cage rear derailleur coupled with an 11-30/32 cassette and compact chainset. It's an alternative to a triple as it gives a similar gear range.
  • Thanks Andy.

    Anyone comment on the Campag?
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  • I may be wrong (not very clued up about SRAM), but this is how I see them (from top-of-the-range down):

    Dura Ace Di2 = Super Record EPS
    Dura Ace = Red = Super Record
    Record EPS
    Athena EPS
    Ultegra = Force
    105 = Rival = Centaur
    Apex = Veloce

    Of course this is slightly subjective because not everyone likes electronic groupsets. Campag groupsets are generally more expensive than the equivalent SRAM or Shimano ones, and often sit between them in terms of price/quality.
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    tomisitt wrote:
    Dura Ace = Red = Super Record

    I take that as a personal insult, to suggest I'm putting something equivalent of ShimaNO Dura Ace on my new bike :twisted: :P :? :cry:
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  • Thanks tomisitt. That makes it a bit clearer :)
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