Numpty Wheel Q's???????

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Feel a bit saft asking this question tbh but I'm using nutted hubs on my bike at the moment (Peugeot Premiere).
Got the chance for some brand new wheels but they're qr.
Is there any reason why I couldn't use them such as, the dropouts are different for nutted and qr?

Thanks Nath.
Cheers Nathan.


  • MichaelW
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    QR wheels will work but they need to be the correct width for your frame.
    The current std width for frames is 130mm but older bikes had narrower rear triangles. You can spread the rear end and you can adjust and set it permanently (cold setting).
    Suggest you buy from a shop, not mail order.
  • Pross
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    Yep, as above. Measure the frame / fork spacing as described here and make sure the hub width of the new wheel is correct.
  • naffa
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    Thanks both.
    Cheers Nathan.