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New Magazine - "Cyclist"

SecteurSecteur Posts: 1,971
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Has anyone else read this - issue 1 out now - seems pretty good. I hadn't heard of it until I saw it today at WHSmiths.

Expensive at £5 per issue, but there's an offer for 3 issues for £5 plus a gift, so I think I will do that to see if it's any good in the longer term. I wonder how it'll pan out after the first couple of issues...


  • SecteurSecteur Posts: 1,971
    Oops - already another thread - sorry! (I did do a forum search, but this thread didnt show up!)


    I enjoyed it - good magazine, though I wonder how it'll pan out over the next few issues. Quite a lot of pretty stock articles though ("which best bib short", "which best wheel" etc) but a couple of other good articles (Wiggins and the cyclists who rode some Swiss Mountains).

    The writing isnt as good as ProCycling, but it's clearly not that sort of magazine... something of a hybrid between ProCycling and Cycling Plus with a bit of Cycle Sport thrown in, with the aesthetic feel of Rouleur / Peloton!
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