Inner tube seems too long?

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Hey guys. First topic created here. Hope you can help me out.

I usually buy Specialised inner tubes from my LBS, which have proven to be quite good, but pricey.
So I decided to take a different angle on things and head over to Ebay to find me a good deal. I found a seller selling "Brand new Continental Race 28" inner tubes at a reasonable (cheaper) price.

The tubes arrived today. According to the information on the Ebay listing and the printing on the tube, these should fit. However, they seem to be 1-2 inches too long. I ordered 4, so I thought, maybe it's a one off manufacture fault. They're all the same.

They're 700c x 23/25 and my wheels are 700c x 23 ...

Specialised inner tube fitted: 2dca43n.jpg
Continental tube from ebay: xevbp.jpg

So what I'm asking this normal, if so, what's the reasoning behind this excess length and would it be safe to use?