What a joke - Giro Crash replacement scheme!!!

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Hi all,

I thought I'd let you know about my recent experience with Madison.co.uk who arrange crash replacemt helmets on behalf of Giro.

I crashed my bike on 11th September and sent the helmet to them the very next day which they received on the 13th. Before posting it, I phoned Madison to enquire if they had my Giro Atmos in stock to which they stated that they did and also told me that the turn around time is 7-10 days but usually sooner.
The cost of replacement was £65 and which after paying to post my old helmet to them, only saved me £11 anyway compared to other online shops.

Due to the fact that I was injured, I didn't think 7-10 days would be a problem so went ahead with the replacement.

TWO weeks later I ring the customer services dept to enquire as to when they sent my new helmet to me only to be told
'We are actually waiting for the 2013 stock to come in as we don't have any of the 2012 helmets'

I ask when that will be and the reply was 'Mid November'!!!

They didn't even think to give me a phone call to make me aware of this fact, nor did they appologise for their useless customer services.

Should anyone be unlucky enough to crash and need a new helmet, I would avoid the crash replacemt scheme at all cost. For the sake of saving a tenner I would rather give my money to a decent company. If the Giro helmet didn't fit so well, I'd be looking for a new helmet all together!!!


  • I blame Wiggle.
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    I didn't even bother trying to get my Met Inferno replaced under the crash replacement scheme as I could get a replacement cheaper online. As with Giro's it would seem to be a complete waste of time.
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  • Madison is the scum of the earth... they should not exist in the first place... what do they bring to the table? They are the parassites of the cycling business... the day of global commerce can't come soon enough. I really respect those business that bypass Madison

    Feel better now... :twisted:
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  • my ony dealings with madison were over problems i had with stuff and never got a single reply. I wanted some new bearings for some wheels and was told the only place i coudl get them was from madison so i didnt even bother i just bought new wheels to save thefrustration having to try and get an answer out of them let alone order anything. joke outfit. There stand at the bike show last year was funny everythign was full retail price, and you could see lots of people looking at prices on their iphones on the net before promptly putting the stuff back down and walking out, they must think we are stupid