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First Hill Climb Event - Sunday 30th September

daggerdagger Posts: 21
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880 yards - gradient 11% average - 25% maximum.

17 riders in total and I am 5th to go after the juniors (I am new to TT'ing this year). I have never done a hill climb before and would welcome any hints and tips you guys and girls have to offer :D

I know it's going to be hell!! :evil:

Do you have a job?

Yeah, I'm a full time legend...........


  • Keep riding once you go over the finish line, you'l be on your censored if you try and stop dead after a hill climb effort :P
    Im also doing a hillclimb on sunday and not looking forward to it, they just hurt too much!
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  • Be prepared to taste blood by the end!!!

    Obvious tips are to make your bike as light as possible.... and yourself too. Be a minimalist in terms of clothing and helmet and don't drink too much in the hour or so beforehand.... and if you do drink make it a very strong espresso. The caffeine will be a useful stimulant!
  • My post in this thread from a few yrs back is still true.

  • lc1981lc1981 Posts: 820
    How did it go? I did my first hill climb (in fact, my first time trial) a few weeks ago. It was incredibly painful but I went 30 seconds faster than my fastest practice time over the 1 km course. I can see how it can be strangely addictive.
  • daggerdagger Posts: 21
    Thanks guys. was hell!! I clocked 3:47.23 so I was well pleased to get under 4 minutes in my first attempt :D

    I was one second faster than one of the other guys in our club and only 21 secs off another member of our club who races regularly and always sets the fastest times in time trials etc.

    All in all i'm pleased i've done it and would definitely do it again. I couldnt physically stand up at the end so I know I gave it my all :D
    Do you have a job?

    Yeah, I'm a full time legend...........
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