Dead Garmin cadence unit

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My Garmin GSC 10 cadence unit has died. There is no sign of life, symptoms just like the battery is dead; ie the push button LED thingy doesnt light up and the 800 unit says "not connected" even after fresh attempts to pair them. Ive tried new batteries and am putting these in the right way around. I know the 800 unit is ok because I also have a cadence unit on another bike which works fine and I'm pretty sure I pair each of them properly. I dont think water can have got in either.
I had the same problem a while back and good old Wiggle replaced it. The replacement worked fine for a few hundred miles but is now doing the same.
Anyone got any ideas?


  • email garmin, explaining what you have done to resolve the issue, I did when mine packed up, tried new batteries, resetting etc.. and they replaced the cadence unit for me, as it was still in warranty, all they might want to see is a copy of the original receipt.
    Sorry its not me it's the bike ;o)

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  • Same here,I've had two die, as my Garmin 800 was registered online, I raised a support ticket with them on the Garmin site and they sent me a replacement for each within a week.