Another jersey question (yawn)

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I was wondering what the form is for jersey branding and bike branding. For example wearing Scott kit whilst riding a Felt bike. Or wearing a Campagnolo jersey on a bike with Shimano components.

I have to add that I don't care because I buy and wear what I like. And I like the Campy top I've just ordered but have a Japanese groupset.

However I'm interested what cycling snobs might think.


  • I think most people would agree that it doesn't matter, but I doubt I'm alone in matching up. I have an Italian theme going on, a Battaglin bike with Campagnolo components and groupset, and all Italian clothing. Perhaps I'm a bit OCD about this sort of thing, but that's me.
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    Out of interest how do you rate the Battaglin?

    The C12 Plus looks a great deal in these sales and I'm sorely tempted.
  • I absolutely love my C11, and yes the C12 is an amazing buy at Wiggle at the mo. The C11 is quite stretched out, very fast, and beautifully made. The Veloce kit was the pull for me, with a really well made carbon frame at those prices you really can't go wrong. I took a flier with mine, as I couldn't get a test ride anywhere, but I'm really glad I did. I haven't seen any others either, it's nice to have something a bit different. If I were to be picky, the frame graphics are not to everyone's taste, and the downtube is quite fat. It would be worth comparing the C12 geometry to the C11, if the same and you like a bike that urges you to race hard everywhere you go then I'd highly recommend it.
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  • It depends on how prominent the branding is..

    eg I have one of these:


    but I wouldn't wear one of these:

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    Probably somewhere in the middle, erring towards subtle (I think)

  • don't let it worry me. Just purchased this winter Campag jacket because I like the retro styling, but I have SRAM on my bike.

  • Love the black specialized, where do they sell them?
  • Love the black specialized, where do they sell them?
    Second that.
  • Love the black specialized, where do they sell them?

    I bought mine from Beeline in Oxford

    The picture is from Tredz I think:

    But most specialized dealers should have them.