Lapierre Audacio 400cp 2013 - upgrades should get?

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Appreciate any help on here. I have just bought the above bike and picked up some accessories incl. computer, mudguards, water bottle, cage, mini pump and the likes. The bike is great for what I wanted initially (get fit) but I feel like this could become a serious hobby more so than a leisure pursuit.

My query/plea for help, is what should I be looking to upgrade on the bike? I have looked at the BIkes & Gear section on here, but the titles of components and accessories seem double dutch to me to be honest.

Any help greatly appreciated. Current spec below if that helps.

Seatpost : LAPIERRE SP65 FULL BLACK 31,6x300MM
Front derailleur : SHIMANO TIAGRA TRIPLE
Rear derailleur : SHIMANO TIAGRA 10S
Shifters : SHIMANO TIAGRA 3X10
Wheel : SHIMANO WH-R501
Sprocket : SHIMANO TIAGRA 10S 11-25
Weight : 9,4 kg


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    My advice is to just enjoy it. The Audacio is a beautiful bike and the components look great.

    As you put the miles in, it will become clear if a component needs upgrading. Otherwise why waste your money?
  • Cheers

    A totally good point at this stage in my riding. Would anyhing in particular jump out for an upgrade, that way I can start saving!!
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    Nothing that would make a big difference. If it was mine I would put some 25x700 Michelin Krylion Carbon tyres on it, just because I really like the stability and puncture resistance. If I wanted to race it, i'd maybe put lighter wheels on it. There are pretty good bits on it as it is.

    Its easy to spend hundreds upgrading stuff, it will certainly look more bling, but its a question of whether you will notice a big enough difference to justify it. Just my opinion, some might disagree.

    Oh but definitely change to clipless pedals (assuming you haven't already).
  • Nice one for the sound advice.

    Got some spd clipless pedals and shimano shoes to get me started. Currently playing around with the position of them and the float. I'm getting there!! Will have a look out for those tyres, nice one
  • hipshot wrote:
    My advice is to just enjoy it. The Audacio is a beautiful bike and the components look great.

    As you put the miles in, it will become clear if a component needs upgrading. Otherwise why waste your money?

    This, absolutely. (though I have no experience of the bike)

    There are small component changes you can make on your new bike to make it more suitable for you. Chief among these would be the saddle, in my view, but that's only if you really don't get on with the stock one; we're not all the same shape so it's not uncommon to replace the original seat, but some people get on with them just fine. After that would be the stem if the one on there isn't the most ideal length (but it might be). Generally new bikes don't have the most amazing tyres on them out of the box, but I wouldn't bother changing them prematurely unless you're plagued with punctures. If you want squishier (or different coloured!) handlebar tape, you can change that.

    But the most important thing is the fit. Get that right and be happy. :)
  • Nice one.

    It's funny you mentioned the saddle. It is most uncomfortable but I thought that it may be a good saddle given its slimness and weight and that it is just that I am not so slim or light weight. Perhaps I will look into some other more cushioned options.

    The handlebar tape seems ok at this point, though white will be a nightmare to keep clean.

    Michelin Krylion Carbon tyres were not dear at all some I may line them up for a couple of months down the road, new wheels though have been an eye opening on the prices. Worry would be that the new wheels would outstrip the bike's quality.

    Prob best to just shut up and get out cycling at this point and then see how I go!

    thanks for the quality advice though.
  • I also have this bike and it is great. You should get use to the saddle after a while, i hated it to start with but its fine now. Your the only other person i have come across who has this bike. How are you getting on with it?
  • Hi there

    I live in Ireland, and so far so good. Just got some cycling pants with padding so they are helping. Never realised there was some much kit for cycling!! The bike is great thanks, hows your one? Cant fault it at all. I had my heart set on the giant defy 2 but was turned off by the waiting length and brakes upon trial of it.

    I am in the process of trying to fit sks mudguards, what a nightmare!! it is taking forever. I am only up to putting on the v part attachments, think they are called stays.

    Have you doen an upgrades or thinking of doing any?
  • Hello all,

    Apologies if it's bad etiquette to resurrect an old topic, however I was wondering if anyone could help me out here.

    I also have an Audacio (the 2012 edition) and absolutely love it; for me the set up and balance are perfect.

    However, after socialising with some friends the other night, I went to retrieve my Audacio only to find come **** had beheaded it! Handlebars, shifters, stem, all gone, cables severed (I live in London so I guess it was bound to happen) I'm now trying to rebuild it as best I can, but cannot remember the exact length of the stem or width of the bars. I figure this is a long shot, and I guess I should go to a bike shop and try out different sizes to see what works, but it would really help if someone out there could check theirs and let me know? My frame size is 55. The specification info on Lapierre's website is a tad vague.

    PS. I'm thinking of getting a pinhead headset lock to try and stop this happening again, anyone know any similar systems or any thoughts?