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I had a ride out on Sunday only because I had other things to do on Saturday, which was supposed to take a few hours, that took all day, there was a breeze blowing so I decided to keep to the sheltered route to avoid a head into the wind situation, 6 miles from home I had a dilemma, turn left and keep to the low road or turn right and take the high road, being a mug, I took the second choice, this put me on a road I'd not been of for at least 15 years and on that occasion, I was on an MTB.
I had a swig of water then set off, this road seemed a lot steeer than the last time I was on it :oops: , no, I was a lot younger then, a bit lighter and had a bit more fitness, after 45 minutes I was nearing the top, there was a good into the face wind blowing and even though I was sweating like a rapist and wheezing like an asthmatic breathing through a straw, I was freezing, upon hitting the peak, I had another swig, nipped down the other side, all the while freezing to death, turned left and trundled home.
After putting the bike away and going in the house for a warm brew and a bit of cake, I checked my Strava, what a knob, I hadn't set it off, I was feeling well and truly goosed, even though I'd only done 25 miles in 2.5 hours, later I checked the elevation of my route on Google earth and the climb I'd done, I'd taken 45 minutes to cover just under 1.5 miles but had climbed 581 feet, I know it was a bit of struggle for me, but I worked it out to be 16% or almost 1 in 6, I'm 51, bald, fat, ugly, 3 stone overweight and only have one leg, I can honestly say I'm happy with that result but feeling a little stiff today...... thats however is nothing to do with the bike ride :roll: .
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    Thanks for brightening up my morning yougster (just 6 months to the big 60)
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    but feeling a little stiff today......

    put that Colnago catalouge down then, you know it's hardcore bikeporn....!!
  • I daren't look at a Colnago catalogue, I'll end up with all the skin rubbed off and talking with a high pitched voice.
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    ...I'd taken 45 minutes to cover just under 1.5 miles...

    You must have good balance! I would have toppled over at that speed.
  • More luck than good judgement, my balance is like that of a one legged cat trying to bury a turd on a frozen pond.
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