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Cateye Reflex TL-570 Auto or other similar rear light?

geebusgeebus Posts: 50
edited November 2012 in Commuting general
I'm liking the look of the Cateye Auto light - both because I can be lazy and not have to remember to turn it off, but also because it looks like a reflector so can more reasonably be left on my 'get around' bike.
This is the review on here:

Ideally, I'd like something cheaper with just a motion rather than a daylight sensor (though not sure that should bump up the price too much.)

Anyone got any experience with this model?
Can't find anything else similar for less - there's a chinese one that also works as a brake light, but is bigger and I'm not too bothered by that.

Also tempted by the front light for use in street lit situations.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    In my opinion it is an absolute ridiculous price for what it is. If you must have auto off there isn't much else, but I'd get a couple of cheaper units.
  • antflyantfly Posts: 3,448
    My dad has them front and back, they work very well and are very bright. You can get them for 20 quid now.
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  • As antfly mentions - available for £19.99.
    Seems about the going price for a reasonably bright branded rear light?

    Any other non-auto ones that look like a reflector you'd recommend supersonic?
    (Apart from the Cateye TL-560 which seems to be the same bar the auto for £2 more as less discount!)
    If not (haven't noticed any myself), any generally I should consider? Prefer just one - for my 'town commuter' I'm less worried by stupid-bright.

    For something I was using for more open roads, might want something I could be sure was seen from a good way off etc.
    Not so up on it/bothered by the front - have a Lupine Betty for a start if I want to light things up a bit and wouldn't mind getting another cheap Chinese li-po light of some kind.
  • cookdncookdn Posts: 410
    Looks reasonable to me:

    Currently £21.55 delivered from Merlin. I might buy one for the back of Mrs cookdn's Topeak pannier rack.
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  • £19.99 delivered here.
  • kieranbkieranb Posts: 1,674
    I've got it for my bike, when I bought it I got it cheap as an ex display model and didn't know it had the auto function. I think it is a nice piece of kit, but early days yet.
  • geebusgeebus Posts: 50
    Thought I'd update this as I got around to having one on the back of my 'get around' bike.
    In reality, I think it'd be better on my 'going for a ride' bike, as half the time I just get paranoid it'll get nicked because people see it flashing - so might as well have had the non-automatic model. Do like that it looks like a reflector when not flashing, though.

    Also get paranoid that it's not turned on, so end up turning around to check.
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