Are my Sidi's too narrow?

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Hi Guys, another stupid question. I've had my Sidi's just over a year now and have done over 5,000 miles in them and I'm just about to change the Keo cleats for about the 4th/5th time but something has dawned on me and could do with some reassurance.

My cleats wear out on the outside. So as time goes on, when I'm standing or walking in them, I feel as though my weight is on the outside of my feet, if that makes sense? I think my Sidi's fit me like a slipper and they're super comfy on the bike but wondered whether this is normal practice for them to wear in this fashion?

I'm going to get myself some cleat covers to try and stop the wear and tear on the cleats but wanted some reassurance before I go and buy some overshoes, as they'll be worn out in no time if the shoes are not right.


  • I also have sidi's and keo cleats, done 6000 miles this year on same cleats. Something sounds strange with yours, but I do limit walking to cafe stops.
  • If you're not getting any comfort issues on the bike then what's the problem?
  • I know I roll my ankles so always walk on the outside of my foot. My trainers wear on the sides first as well and so do my cleats. I also have sidis and love them. I don't see it being an issue just the way I walk.
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    If your shoes feel comfy, then they are unlikely to be too narrow. If they were your foot would feel pinched.

    Most people pronate - strike the outside of their heel on the ground first as they walk. Your cycling shoes were not designed with walking in mind. I have Ergo 2s and if your Sidis are similar they have a simple heel pad to prevent wearing the sole but nothing else. Depending on the cleat type and its position on the shoe sole, if you pronate pronouncedly this may mean the outside of the cleat is striking the ground before the inside and leading to extended wear.

    Solution is either recognise this and adjust your gait when you take the few steps necessary in your shoes, or take them off whenever you stop. Failing that, if your cleats have cleat covers available get a pair and change them as they get worn, but before the cleat starts to wear. Failing that, get your batman to arrive at any planned cafe stops before you with a wheelchair ready....;-)

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    P.s. forgot to don't have a severe case of rickets do you? :lol:

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    Sounds like you supinate. Get footbeds if you have issues or feel as if you could improve fit, but if everything is fine then why bother.
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  • Cheers Guys, thanks for putting my mind at rest.

    As you rightly say, the Sidi's are so comfortable, there's no way they can be too narrow. I guess I just need to change how I walk in them. Am definitely going to buy some cleat covers this time around. Cant believe the last set have only lasted me 3 months.

    And no, definitely dont have a bad case of rickets, although I am walking with major difficulty today after tweaking my quad after running 8 miles last night. No pain, no gain and all that :)