How do you know when you need new cleats?

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What I mean is, what happens when they are finally worn out?

I've been using my first set of SPD SLs for a while now and my cleats are looking a touch shabby (one of the yellow rubber bits has fallen off), but they are still clipping in and out fine. What should I look out for to tell me it's time for a new set, as I really don't want them failing 50 miles in to a 100 mile ride?



  • I know when I need to change my keo cleats when I cant just clip in, maybe only on the 2nd/3rd attempt. You'll pretty much know when.
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    If you find them un-clipping all by themselves, or if you find them almost impossible to clip out of, or hard to clip into, then that is all a signal to buy new cleats :)

    I have heard that the zero float cleats seem to last longer than those with float but I cannot confirm that myself as I don't use zeros.
  • I realised my standard SPDs cleats were worn out when my foot kept come off the pedal when I pulled upwards, there was literally no need to twist my ankle to get my foot off the pedal anymore, I could just pull it off without much effort
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    i have had the same cleets for certainly 2000 miles, i think mine are getting slack now but good for the winter i would think.
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    Mine are fine -> apparently you need to worry when you loose the yellow bits.
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    There should be wear indicators on them, a small hole or similar. When the hole disappears its time to replace.
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    I have Speedplay Zeros. Cleats are expensive, but they last ages. My original pair are still going strong after nearly 8000miles. If you use the Coffee Shop Caps (rubber covers for the cleats) when you stop and walk in them, this prevents the wear that you get on cleats without covers. They also have a metal base which cuts down the wear rate - the sprung metal 'C' ring that actually clips you onto the pedal is protected by the metal cover, so the mechanism doesn't wear from walking in them. I first had Look Keo cleats and these lasted a fraction of the time as they were plastic. In the long run the Speedplays work out cheaper in my experience. Plus, they are much better with adjustable float and better ground clearance.