Cycle Show - Is it worth going?

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I live pretty near the NEC and have never been to the cycle show before, has anyone been? is it worth going/the entry pricce? - a site for sore eyes


  • I really hope so - I've bought two tickets, and live over 2 hours drive away!
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    I wasnt too impressed last year - was told to expect loads of free stuff and got virtually nothing!
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    I am going on friday and hope to get some bargains at the trade stands :)
  • jay197 wrote:
    I am going on friday and hope to get some bargains at the trade stands :)

    Good luck with that. If it's anything like last years show there'll be only a handful of trade stands and the majority of them will be overpriced :shock:
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    Last a few of us made the trip from London and it was shocking IMO.

    Major brands and suppliers were simply not there and the retail area was really bad not much selection or variety.

    Ive looked at the floor plan this year to see if I should try again but decided against it looks as bad.

    This is all my opinion although many other people seem to share it however, it also depends on what your going for.
  • I went last year and enjoyed myself, but I wouldn't bother going again this year, despite living only 25 minutes away by bike.

    As already said, not much given away and no bargains to be had from the trade stands (everything full price, better to buy at the local bike shop!).

    My recollection is that the most numerous stands last year were charities/businesses selling cycling holidays, and electric bikes. There were plenty of things to enjoy and look at, but I felt my own interests were ill-represented. It was disappointing that it was not worth taking my piggy bank, but it can be useful to try on garments (e.g. Endura) and order them online later. No need to feel guilty either.

    Stunt-riding, lectures and interviews interesting, although I wouldn't normally have paid to experience them.

    If any bikes that interest you are being displayed or better still available on the test track, you should go. I think that the Show tries hard to have something for everyone and perhaps is spread a bit thin as a result.

    I can't go this year anyway, as I'm competing on Saturday and marshalling on Sunday, both of which are more satisfying ways of spending a weekend.
  • I prefer the London bike show as you have 3 other shows on the same time with the Outdoor show, boat show, etc
  • it can be so so but for £12 it's a cheap day out IMHO - just take a rucksack with your own tucker as the food is shti and overpriced
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  • yeah seconded take your own food. I went last year but it was a freebie. if i had to park the car, drive there, and pay to get in etc would have been £50 minimum and to be honest there was so little there for me. I had thought there would have been more deals etc and clothing but virtually nothing.
  • Based on the posts above, can I assume that there will be no bargains to be had?

    I'm looking to upgrade to a Cannondale CAAD 10 105 or Synapse 105 In the very near future - whichever one feels the best to ride.

    Should I save the £13 and go to Evans in Birmingham City Centre instead?
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    A few of us are going on the trade day, fewer people and more relaxed.

    There are bargains but you have to look.

    We treat it as a good day out and then follow up getting pished in Jamie Oliver's, we take the train, so dirt cheap and less agro.