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GraydawgGraydawg Posts: 673
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Dunno if anyone has ever used this guy's website via Ebay but thought I would give him a plug... - I ordered through his ebay shop a couple of Nutrack 26"x1.25" Tyres for my girlfriends bike..

Ordered on the friday morning - and delivered to Inverness, Scotland, from Southampton, South Englandshire, the following day. Amazed at how quickly these were dispatched and delivered (obviously Royal Mail had a part to play but even so.....!)

Good news is often hard to come by these days as people are quick to complain and moan about things but I thought I would share this story and this guys business.... Suffice to say, I'll be using him again for parts! :)
It's been a while...


  • rgrc28rgrc28 Posts: 16
    I've gotta give them a plug too, i live very close to the shop and religiously buy from eBay and pick up locally.
    The prices can't be beat, and the weekly deals are a real pot of gold, my wife thinks I'm putting them out of business the amount i save.
    Always my first port of call when i need something, and i've been spreading the word to friends.
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