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which mudguards for Cannondale Bad Boy?

Karlos69Karlos69 Posts: 107
edited September 2012 in Commuting general
Any recommendations as to which mudguards fit and work well on the Connondale Bad Boy?
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Cannondale Bad Boy
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  • I've got the sks chromoplastics on mine. They're probably the best you can get. But they are a pain in the censored to fit I found...especially as I've got disc brakes to bend round. My rear guard is too big towards the back of the wheel and looks really censored , but it is effective. Any one had experience of cutting the metal stays to fit the curvature of wheels on chromoplastics?
  • MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,226
    My LBS fitted 700c hybrid chromoplastics to my 26" (dahon cadenza). They bent the front stays to route under the disc brake.
    Best way to cut the stays is with a Dremel cutting disc. Round off the tip for safety, don't rely on the plastic caps.
  • SKS chromoplastics narrow road on mine too. I didn't find them too bad to fit, although I didn't fit them as per manufacturers instructions, just a bit of trial and error. I haven't got round to cutting down the stays yet but I will do at some point. However, they're completely secure and very effective. I'll post a pic if you like?
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