riding in the lake district Vs miami

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Im all set for 3 weeks stopping with family in miami over christmas. A new road bike ordered from wiggle and making its way across the big pond.
Ive done a little research and managed to find a cycling group local to where Im stopping, I emailed them, and they said im welcome to join in on their organised rides.

So, my question, I live near the lake district, Ive now got my fitness level upto a point where a 50/60 mile ride is no problem for me, and of course, all my rides include plenty of climbing, at least 2/3000 ft with average speeds around 15 mph. So, what will riding somewhere so flat be like? checking out local strava segments, riders there are lucky to get elevation gains of 10ft. How will my fitness compare to the miami riders? They have organised rides that are graded to ability, here I would class myself as intermediate , but will i be able to keep up with the fast riders over there?


  • You might think it would be easy riding on the flats compared to the Lakes but you will be introduced to constant head winds and nowhere to hide from them. Florida has its windy season through the winter in the summer there's very little wind. Sounds like the club has a good set up with mixed ability rides so I guess you'll just settle into your group the more you ride.

    Have fun sounds great.
  • I've ridden in south Florida. Yes it's pan flat but what you may find alien is the humidity. It can be 80-90% at this time if year. You will probably need a lot more fluid than normal and a headwind may provide some relief.