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anyone bought a frame on the basis of a fit from the above system? - how did it fit ?

I had one today - and cant quite get my mind around its "output"
My measurements

Inseam 79 cm
Trunk 62.5 cm (reading not taken as part of fit)
Forearm 33 cm (reading not taken as part of fit)
Arm 63 cm
Thigh 59 cm (reading not taken as part of fit)
Lower Leg 52 cm (reading not taken as part of fit)
Sternal Notch 139 cm
Total Body Height 172 cm

generated a top tube of 553 plus a stem of 115 (!) (bikeshop said it over-reads and downgraded to 100mm stem!)
reach (to handle bar inside edge) 495
saddle height (from BB) of 662 (!)
Cranks 167.5 (!)
and various other measurements

I would fit a 56 cube or a medium Focus accordingly and this is what they would order/suggest.

This just doesn't look as if it would feel right ! - I ride a planet x pro sl small at the moment - with a about a 2cm setback steatpost and an 80 mm stem, with a bb to top of seat of 708mm.

Any advice appreciated, prior to this I was thinking 51cm cervelo !


  • It does seem a little big. My main concern would be that they said 'the system overreads' and then arbitrarily adjusted it. It seems like an unreliable system.
    My only advice is that you test ride a larger bike and see how it feels. You'll soon tell I reckon.
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    All that bike fitting theory is useless unless its translated to a real bike with you sitting on it. Even cycle jigs can be wrong - Brian Rourke use one once but never again, instead he sits people on real bikes since that's the best way of ensuring a proper fit on a real bike.

    What's the fitting being used for, to design a custom frame?
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    I,m 5ft8" what size cube would be best 53cm or 56cm?
    Wanted: Cube Streamer/Agree GTC Compact / Pro/ Race : 53cm