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firstly a moment for cabedo after being killed yesterday

i had a crash recently and other than scuffing the lid looks ok
should i not bother wearing it again or could it be ok?
i have an old mtb helmet that i can use but a bloke at work says after so long you should replace as a matter of routine
any thoughts as searching google gives differing views


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    Personally I would replace it just for complete peace of mind - you only get 1 head.
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    I agree. Replace. Call it a good excuse for a new and nicer one.
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    Replace after any kind of knock. Also should be replaced every two years as a matter of course. Much as anything, it's an excuse to buy something and help kick start the economy etc etc. Consider it like National Service.
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  • you could try asking the manufacturer if they are interested in it - sounds daft but I had a mate who cracked his helmet in an accident and specialized took it back and sent him a new replacement - it was something to do with their R&D - he might have been lucky about where the impact was/simply good timing but its worth firing off an email and asking the question - the worst that can happen is a straight no.....
  • Specialized do have a range of helmets with a lifetime warrenty. As soon as you get a knock etc. They replace it.
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    Mouth wrote:
    Replace after any kind of knock. Also should be replaced every two years as a matter of course, say the cycle helmet manufacturers shareholders

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    I can't see where Specialized would replace an old helmet with a new one, after a crash. But there website does say
    Helmet Warranty

    A helmet provides protection for one of the more vulnerable and more important parts of your body, your head. If you are unlucky enough to have an accident after purchasing a Specialized helmet, we offer a replacement at a fraction of the cost of a new model. We would rather see you protected than wearing a damaged and less effective helmet.

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    Generally, the materials used for helmets have a design life of 3-5 years and do degrade due to exposure to UV, ozone etc. and therefore manufacturers cannot guarantee their safety performance after that period.
    Most manufacturers also offer a crash-replacement scheme for damaged helmets.
    Doesn't mean they're useless, but may not offer the same level of protection as designed / intended.

    I was involved in the safety products industry for a number of years and sat on a number of industry committees looking after design / safety standards etc (although not bike helmets) but the principles were the same.
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  • seige
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    thanks gents
    p.s as i am prob older than you lot,what does ftfy mean?
  • seige wrote:
    thanks gents
    p.s as i am prob older than you lot,what does ftfy mean?

    Fixed that for you.
  • seige
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