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SPD SL pedals: 105 or Ultegra?

jonny_trousersjonny_trousers Posts: 3,588
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Looks like I need some new cleats and as my 105 SPD SLs are on their way out I've been thinking about getting a new set of pedals where a set of cleats will be included. The question is, 105 or Ultegra? The £35 difference doesn't really bother me if it is worthwhile, but what difference is there beyond weight? My bike is on the heavier side as it is, so a couple of grams won't make much of a difference. I do recall hearing that the Ultegra ones aren't quite as spinny and are therefore a little easier to clip into, but beyond that any advice on what to go for would be appreciated.



  • Hey Jonny,

    I commute 30 miles a day and recently downgraded from 105's to R540's. This has made absolutly no discernable difference whatsoever! I unfortunatly haven't ridden Ultegra's but if the difference between 105's to R540's is anything to go by then I would stick with the 105's if I was you.....
  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    Chain reaction have Ultegra under £70 at the mo.
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  • There's no difference whatsoever. I've had both (and eventually got rid of both as well) and you wont notice any difference in them at all.

    So if you are set on them being 105's or Ultegras, then get the 105's. The design is pretty much identical and so is clipping in.

    Dont be fooled into thinking that because its got the name 'Ultegra' on it then its naturally better than 105 because 99% of the time you wont notice the difference. Not in pedals anyway.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    I did a bit of research and went for ultegra, mainly for the fact that I got them for £60 pricematched at and after reading some reviews, it said that the ultegra ones had longer lasting bearings and the 105s went after a few 1000ks. It also helped that it matches the rest of the bike.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    (check out weightweenies for more info on bearings, I think)
  • smidsy wrote:
    Chain reaction have Ultegra under £70 at the mo.


    I went for the above Ultegras because I can't resist a bargain and I'm a big, girly ponce!

    Thanks for your thoughts guys. I'll add my own when I've tried the new ones out.
  • Just a quick follow up on this. The Ultegra pedals don't spin anywhere near as easily as the 105s and are therefore way easier to clip into. And as I often use them on the commute, that makes the extra 16 quid well worth it.

    Thanks for the thoughts!
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
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  • So who has the best deal on 105 pedals at the moment ...did come across some on e bay for 30 quid bit without cleats .
  • ducksonduckson Posts: 961 ... himpeda845

    I have 105's, no problems but not had the Ultegra's to compare against.
    Cheers, Stu
  • I have both , can't really tell the difference, had 105 for 3 years and no problems. Ultegra got in the grey finish to match my group set but they are quickly showing signs of wear
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