First ride!

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hi all,
went for my first ride last sunday on my first ever road bike

i live in lincolnshire and went from cleethorpes to mablethorpe and back (52 mile). it is a flat route but i only had the custom pedals as i havent made my mind up on what pedals to get. the ride took me 3 hr 3 mins and i felt drained, my muscles where shot. I do alot of running and found that i very rearly got out of breath and felt i never pushed myself on the cardio side. Any advice on how to strengthen those muscles so i can also push the cardio side? hope i make sence

so happy to descover road biking, i know i am hooke after only 1 ride, love my bike to, guess that helps,lol


  • nice one dude glad you enjoyed it..

    I've been to Lincoln a couple of times, work related..... and IMO.... the best way to build up your stamina.....

    Cycle up "Steep Hill" in Lincoln! Stop for a pie when (if) you reach the top! I recall that climb when walking it nearly killed me! :P
    It's been a while...