130mm stem too long?

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i'm running a 120mm stem but seen a great deal on a nice 130mm stem. is this too long?


  • farrina
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    To long for what (unclear in what context you are asking the question) ?
  • If you feel that yours is 1 cm short, then no, 130 mm stems are not too long. Bear in mind there is no such a thing as a bargain on a stem... a stem is a stem, it's not an upgrade, simply an extension.
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  • oli2001
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    i just got a new frame with a 100mm stem attached, which is too short. my old frame had a 120mm stem, which was better. So, i've got to get a new stem . i saw a deal on a 130mm but not the 120mm version.
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    sounds like youre riding a frame which is verging on being the wrong size for you!
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