One drunken night in the pub......

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Hello all, first post here......

One drunken night in a pub 8 months ago a mate and i decided we would do a charity bike ride.....neither of us had really ridden bikes for years. We decided we would ride from Doncaster to Northampton, about 110 miles in a day. I started training on my old Specialized Rockhopper, road tyres and bar ends were put on to try and make it faster and comfier.

Im a big lad and used to play a lot of rugby but after breaking my ankle, needing a knee reconstruction, breaking 2 ribs and a finger i decided i was getting a bit old for it, so ive got a bit fat the past 3 years having done no exercise :)

Things spiraled and a few more mates said they would join us, 7 of us are going for it this sunday. To date we have raised 2 grand for a dementia charity, Lost Chord who use music therapy to help people with dementia and Alzheimers. We have been featured in the local paper and have a finishing event organised and we hope to raise £4000+ when all is said and done.

Im now totally hooked on cycling, ive bought a proper road bike and ive ridden 250 miles the past 2 weeks and cant get enough. Being 32 years old i really feel like this will be quite a point in my life, the difference between being an unhealthy slob or a hopefully fairly fit bloke, ive lost half a stone so far and feel great.

Roll on sunday, i cant wait!

Thanks for reading, hope i didnt bore you ;)


  • Nice one Mate. Good luck ;)
    "You really think you can burn off sugar with exercise?" downhill paul
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    Inspiring ............ good luck for the ride :D
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    Similar story here. Except i am a bit older and had a few more years being unhealthy slob. This weekend I will be undertaking a 250 milejaunt around Norfolk. This was also the result of alcohol induced bravado. Starting on Friday and aiming for c80 miles a day. I have ridden 80 miles in a day once and did a 60 and a 68 last weekend. Sunday's run was a bit faster than i am used to and I suffered with a bit of anterior knee pain (inside front) from about the 30 mile mark. I think it was the increased pace and cadence. I was riding at an average 0f 87rpm vs my normal 80rpm. It was windy and harder work plus I was being paced by a much stronger rider. Very stiff last two days but hopefully it will settle down by Friday!!
  • Good on you son! - Keep it up.. And of course best of luck this sunday sure you'll be fine and will love every min, lets hope the weathers nice for you lads 'ey
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    I wont be around but, just out of curiosity - where are you starting from in Donny?
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    Good on yer fella. Enjoy it - hope the weather's kind to you.
  • Thank you gents, Rodgers i think its somewhere just north of Tickhill?

    Calpol good luck i hope it goes well for you. My knee is dodgy having had an ACL reconstruction a few years back but happily cycling doesn't seem to have affected it yet. Maybe keep dosing yourself up with ibuprofen to keep any inflammation at bay?

    Im praying for good weather, don't mind rain but a 20 mph wind in your face makes things so much harder and twice as tiring.

    We are all so excited about it though, ive never ridden anywhere near that distance so i think its going to be a real effort.
  • Best of luck and enjoy it.
  • Good luck tomorrow. I'm very overweight and 45 years old. I've signed up for the London100 for Beating Bowel Cancer.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one to commit to a crazy challenge as n incentive to improve my life.

    Enjoy the day. I'm sure it will go well. :)