2012 Suzuka Circuit Shimano Road Race

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Hey guys, it's my first post here so I'll introduce myself.
I'm a Canadian working in Japan as a high school English teacher. I'm a member of a large cycling team and enter races across Japan about once a month. I've done races in Hiroshima, Osaka, Yamanashi and I may head to one in Okinawa next year. Japan is definitely an exploding market when it comes to road bikes, and you'll see even recreational riders invest more than $10,000 in a bike.

The team I am on is sponsored by a small chain of boutique cycling shops on the East coast of Japan and has produced a few professional riders.

This August was my first time racing at Suzuka Circuit, the site of the Japanese GP in Formula 1. It was a great experience and I entered four different races over two days. Unfortunately, I crashed in my last race (the open classes are always dangerous as some newbies like to try their luck!). Each race was 5 laps, and it was boiling hot (35 plus high humidity) so fatigue was always a factor. The weekend culminated with a kokusai race (international race), where high level amateurs could race against members from the Australian national team, Rabobank, Bridgestone-Anchor and Shimano. Hopefully I can get some results before then and enter it next year!
I'm the white boy, in white!