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Megavalanche route ? Not the race ?

elredsoelredso Posts: 94
edited October 2012 in Holidays
Know a few people who have done the race, and saw a documentary about it the other night, and this has sparked my interest in giving it a go

That said, it looked like bedlam, and I don't think my skill level is there - to hoon down at the speeds that the guys were - but think i could handle it in terms of technicality

As such I was wondering if the course is rideable throughout the year, or is it only accesseable during the event itself ?

Recommendations of routes / lodgings are very welcome.

Me and my best mate are both getting married, so wondering about doing a few days in the alps instead of a boozy stag do


  • delaxmdelaxm Posts: 180
    Its rideable from June to the first snow falls in October as long as the lifts are open, route is here'Huez

    Some pics I took last year



  • great thanks :)

    Do I need considerable downhill skills to tackle it, or would trail centre riding standard be OK ?
  • miss notaxmiss notax Posts: 2,572
    elredso wrote:
    great thanks :)

    Do I need considerable downhill skills to tackle it, or would trail centre riding standard be OK ?

    The answers to this are 'yes' and 'no' in that order!

    Lots of the Mega course is great fun to ride and normal trail skills are fine. But some bits are so far off the scale - and normal trail skills are woefully inadequate here :wink: Obviously if you are riding at your own pace you can get off your bike and climb down bits, but even this REALLY shouldn't be underestimated.

    And I really wouldn't attempt to ride it before your wedding..... (not unless you leave a few months gap) :shock:

    The videos on YouTube etc really do not begin to come close!
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  • bluechair84bluechair84 Posts: 4,352
    None of the above pictures are actually of the Megavalanche. the top one is the black trail coming down from the second station and that is one gnarly section.
    The mega trail I believe only runs into Alp D'Huez but if you follow it any other time it's signposted all the way down to Allemont which is an incredible journey. It is tough, but we rode it this year and a rider with a years experience under his belt made it. Just walk the few sections that really are that precarious (and there are quite a few, but the course is way long enough to justify walking those short bits).
    Some videos of our riding there this summer, the last one is the Mega (not the race).
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